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July 31st, 2007

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V-am promis unora dintre voi filmuletul cu BIT.FALL, o opera de arta moderna(installation art sau conceptual art) de Julius Popp, pe care am contemplat-o cand am fost in Viena la inceputul lunii. Insa nu prea am avut timp de atunci si pana acum sa fac operatiunile necesare pentru a va arata si filmuletul, si textul explicativ, si contextul, fara de care nu are nici un farmec.

Asa ca, in sfarsit, acum puteti gasi filmuletul facut de mine, pe trilulilu.


The randomness of the flow of news is measurable in bits – whether this is also true of its meaning is a query posed by Julius Popp (1973, Nuermberg) in BIT.FALL.

Water is the medium and the metaphor for the simply structured, sensuously perceivable and at the same time highly complex installation, which thematizes information with a mass-media significance, its distribution and its fleetingness.

A computer program selects current information from various websites using statistical rules, thus delivering the installation’s input. The digital data is then analogized by 320 magnetic valves, so that words formed out of water arise before the beholder’s eye. Key words from the daily news are only temporarily perceivable as transparent images before they again dissipate.

BIT.FALL is a contemporary memento mori, which critically draws attention to the continual flood of infor-mation that manipulates our reality. Julius Popp develops his artworks at the point where art and science meet: they are open updates in the never-ending interaction process of human and machine, human and nature.

Mai puteti vedea alte filmulete despre aceeasi instalatie, inclusiv un documentar cu artistul Julius Popp, si o prima aplicatie comerciala a acestei instalatii, Cascada Jeep (Jeep Waterfall).

Ce pot sa mai zic decat… Welcome to waterfallvertising :)


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