post IAB US stabileste indicatori dedicati pentru social media

May 6th, 2009

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Sunt ocazii cu care activitatea mea la STANDOUT si cea de la IAB Romania se intersecteaza, si asta e una dintre ele. Astazi IAB US a anuntat o serie de indicatori dedicati pentru social media, si dupa ce am devorat documentul pot declara cu mana pe inima ca la STANDOUT folosim, in rapoartele pentru clienti, o mare parte a acestor indicatori, pentru campaniile de social media pe care le desfasuram.

Odata cu acest set de indicatori, IAB US re-confirma valoarea adaugata pe care o aduce acest canal:

“The most profound difference is that Social Media has added a participatory element where an individual not only receives information but has the ability to take part in the creation and distribution of content. Furthermore, social media tools have enabled a dialogue and discovery around this content.  It is the combination of these unique and appealing aspects that defines the true value of social media.

Value is derived not only from the primary distribution of branded content but also the additional interactions that result as users share, participate with, and propagate advertising content. In the end, social media adds another layer of value through its ability to engage users and create additional reach.”

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