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October 19th, 2009

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Pentru cine nu are rabdare sa citeasca articolul complet, cu istoric, detalii, explicatii si concluzie, iata doar inceputul scrisorii lui Randall Rothenberg, presedinte al IAB US, catre Jon Jon Leibowitz, Chairman, Federal Trade Commission:

So there I was last Saturday, about to send out on my Twitter feed — which automatically updates my Facebook page and links to my personal blog — a photograph of this wonderful baked halibut dish I’d just made as a surprise for my wife. I was in the     middle of typing a rave review of the recipe, which I’d pulled from my favorite cookbook, Delicioso! The Regional Cooking of    Spain by Penelope Casas. But before I could press the “post” button, I stopped and canceled the whole thing.

I remembered that the book was a freebie, sent to me by an editor at the Alfred A. Knopf publishing house 13 years ago. And I   didn’t want you guys to haul me into court and fine me for violating the rules you`ve just promulgated to muzzle social media.

I know what you`re thinking – I`m just confused. But so are the 22 million bloggers currently collecting audiences in the United States and the close to 140 million Americans registering news and opinions through social media channels like Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, and Twitter. The source of the confusion: The new set of “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and  Testimonials in Advertising” issued on October 5 by the Federal Trade Commission that you chair.

Restul e aici, iar contextul e aici.

Si pot spune ca dupa ce am semnalat asta m-am simtit in aceeasi ipostaza ca si Randall scriind despre festivalul Comedy Cluj, unde am fost in calitate de invitat

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